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About us

The Midori Auto Leather Brazil produces affordable leather, using extremely high reliability since the beginning of the leather tanning in Brazil, initiated by Midori Anzen in 1973. The Midori Auto Leather uses peculiar characteristics of Brazilian leather to develop and deliver products that meet the needs of the global market.
Most of our products are exported, which requires that the high quality of our products grow continuously.


  • Midori Group in Brazil

    The Midori Group to become interested in Brazil acquired company leather Atlantic region located in Guarulhos-SP. In 1973 the Group began its activities Midori Leather, directed the manufacture of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

    One reason for opening a unit in Brazil was due to his great wealth in the business of agriculture, and a large and vast amount of raw material for the manufacture of leather shoes protection.

    Logo is placed in the automotive market due to structure and high tech machinery, besides the quality of the products developed.

    The trajectory and expansion of Midori Auto Leather

    • 1973 – Acquisition by Midori Anzen Tannery Co.
    • 1973 – Inauguration of factory stitching
    • 1975 – Buy Factory Penapolis
    • 1998 – The company obtained ISO9000
    • 2002 – The company acquired another certification to ISO TS 16949 automotive exclusively
    • 2002 – Factory Barbosa is opened
    • 2014 – Drive Array is moved to São Paulo – Santana – SP
    • 2016 – Change the Company Name for Midori Auto Leather Brazil LTDA
  • Company Philosophy


    Our Vision

    Be recognized in Brazil as a company of excellence.

    Our Mission

    Through global activities, devote themselves to the creation of new values??, making it a centenary company in Brazil.

    Our Values


    • Observance
      Strictly follow ethical precepts and moral taxes, not only by government but also by the company. And follow their laws, rules and regulations.
    • Satisfaction
      Acting always with a focus on achieving maximum customer satisfaction.
    • Improvement
      Do not settle for the same work or current situation, always seek improvement.
    • Creation and Innovation
      Always innovating, creating new values??.
    • Simplicity
      Our simplicity is summarized in the rational use of our resources, aiming profitability fair without burdening our customers, aiming at a continuous business growth.
    • Union
      One team, one vision, one mission. All together, with the same vision, mission and values??
    • Complicity
      Always act as a team, cooperating with other departments and colleagues, seeking individual and collective growth.
    • Wrong is not doing
      The constant search for innovation, without fear of mistakes. Better to err trying than never to have tried.

    Guidelines for conduct of employees


    • Professionally
      Act with responsibility, knowledge, ethics and respect.
    • Leader
      Be able to convey the company’s direction and engage people to get desired results.
    • Adventure
      Having courageous spirit, acting prudently, but without fear of making mistakes.
    • Do not exempt responsibilities
      Be humble, knowing how to recognize and fix its flaws.
    • Communication Objective
      Making that information reaches all stakeholders clearly and accurately.
    • Continued Advancement of SQCD
      S (Safety) – Security, Health; Q (Quality) – Quality labor and product; C (Cost) – Saving time and money, Optimize costs and avoid waste;D (Delivery) – Delivering to others work right on time as agreed.
    • The PDCA as a management method
      P – Plan; D – Do; C – Check; A – Action.
    • Act Proactively
      Be proactive in its activities, see and avoid problems before they happen.
  • Midori Group

  • Midori Anzen


    Our vision

    Built on the foundation of technical achievement, we offer the most innovative concepts of “Health and Safety”, both past and future. Since its founding in 1952, Midori Anzen kept all their efforts under the slogan “Service Safety, Health and Environment Comfortable”, to improve the safety and health of workers at all times. Thus contributing to creating a more enjoyable and safe.
    Over the years, we have received valuable instruction from many of our customers, allowing us to develop a wide range of Productss, including protective devices safe and hygienic to use industrial equipment to improve the environment, medical devices, electrical measuring instruments , office uniforms and special clothing for industrial use. For all this, we have the honor of helping to improve the welfare of workers in Japan
    Along with structural changes of the industrial society that occurred after the war, the requirements related to safety and hygiene have changed considerably. To meet these needs, Midori Anzen is determined as an industry pioneer in the development of specialized technologies and innovative products, manufacturing high quality products and providing efficient service to customers, technical support and sales support. Excellence guidance and assistance to our customers is very rewarding for us.
    In line with the social and industrial structural changes, the concept of “danger” was changed and diversified. We at Midori Anzen are the leading company in this field, always seeking the idea of ??security from all possible perspectives, responding to voices expressed the local real work. Our research activities thorough and rigorous in made it possible to extend our service to wide variety of fields, such as medicine, physical and human engineering. Our research and development facilities are one of the most eminent in Japan
    Excellent staff, modern equipment and accurate data, acquired the varied needs of our customers. Using these valuable data, we intend to build and deliver new safety standards, according to the best possible technology for security best suited to the new era.
    Nowadays, the degree of safety standard is directly linked to security and productivity. The safety management began to attract considerable attention. As environmental issues, “security” in the workplace is becoming one of the most important key factors for the development of business strategy. Midori Anzen provides “security” for all workers in all workplaces. We provide “security” to cater to any work environment. In order to establish a solid sense of security and tranquility, Midori Anzen continue to see the “security” with a global perspective.